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George The Label Creation - Our Story

Vesna Koteska

Posted on August 23 2017

The creation of George The Label is a phenomenal story of the workings of fate, love, passion, creativity, business knowledge, challenges and 2 minds coming together to create something extraordinary. It is a story that will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, inspired and amazed. 

It begins way back in August 2016 when the two founders first met in a crazy twist of fate on Melbourne's Punt Road, but before I tell that story, you must understand the series of events leading up to this day. 

George The Label's creative director and designer, Vesna Koteska, a 20 year old law student at the time, had always had an immense fashion for Shoes, all things fashion, blogging and creating. She embarked on multiple business ventures in her youth, buying and re selling second hand designer clothes on eBay and Facebook marketplaces. When she was only 17 she had a regular stall at a community market every Sunday and would sell clothes she had collected from friends and family who would clear their wardrobes of unwanted garments. Whilst she is very passionate about the Law and loves her job as a Law Clerk, deep down something was missing. From as early as 5 years old she had said she wanted to be a fashion designer, and would draw beautiful pieces, keep sketch books and cut outs of designs. She dreamed of being in the fashion industry all her life but simply didn't know where to start. 

Vesna met George on his birthday in August 2016 when her car broke down on Melbourne's busy Punt Road. He helped her out and an immediate connection sparked their romance very quickly. Vesna began to talk of her business ideas as well as her love for the fashion industry. George's extensive business experience, having started his own business at only 18, ignited the beginnings of George The Label. The idea lingered until it was one day cemented in the most unusual way. 

On a night out, they both noticed a woman in a beautiful pair of above knee light grey boots. Falling instantly in love with them, Vesna asked the woman where she had purchased the boots hoping that she too could own a pair. Expecting the women to tell her that they were from an expensive Italian designer and there were only 5 pairs ever created, Vesna was pleasantly shocked and amazed that they had been sourced overseas for under $100. She immediately searched for the boots online and noticed that to own a pair, she would have to buy 99 others as the minimum order was 100, at which point, George said "why don't we order them and create an online store". 

Just like that, the pair plunged into the deep, and George The Label was born.

Established in May 2017, the store has already gathered much attention from the fashion world. George The Label has already been involved in many collaborations with Australian fashion bloggers and influencers, including Australia's Top Glamour Model of 2017. 

George The Label aims to provide women with the latest trends as well as classic styles at affordable prices. Vesna noticed a big gap in the Australian market, with many overseas stores selling pieces that are straight from the streets of Hollywood, but nothing in the local market which would make having these styles affordable for Australian women. George The Label caters for all beautiful women with feet of any size, ranging from EU size 35 - 44, equivalent to sizes 4 - 13 Australian. 

George The Label aims to provide affordable style for all occasions and hopes to soon expand their range to include more styles. 

Fashion is ephemeral, but style is forever. 

- Vesna & George 


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